We care for our planet

A commitment from day one.
From the day lab-go was founded, we have been working hard to understand how the environmental impact of our operations can be minimised.
That’s why we devote time and resources to our journey to become a greener company: from restoring the natural resources used in our production cycle, to raising awareness among our customers and suppliers, to reducing the CO2 emissions produced by our daily activities.

Our plan of action

Our plan of action

lab-go and Treedom
Our first big step towards a more sustainable future.
We decided to collaborate with Treedom, a company made in Italy just like us, which is committed to help companies and their employees to have a more sustainable impact on the environment by planting trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy. All trees are planted directly by local farmers, helping to generate environmental, social and economic benefits.

With Treedom, we have created our very own corporate forest, for which lab-go is committed to planting trees to compensate for the production of our special labels. On average, about 5,000,000 labels* are produced from one eucalyptus tree. Each planted tree has an online page, is geolocated and photographed, and will be stored virtually in our lab-go forest. You too can contribute to the growth of our forest. In fact, we donate every single tree planted to our customers, to involve them in our mission for a more sustainable future.

*the number may vary depending on the size of the printed labels.
In this case we have considered a standard 40mm x 40mm label size.

Better together
A commitment to the environment that we want to fulfil with the help of our customers, suppliers and employees.

The Carbon Footprint is a significant indicator that allows us to measure the Co2 emitted by all our activities: from production to logistics, from bureaucracy to customer contact.

In collaboration with Treedom, we have estimated the average amount of CO2 emitted by lab-go. Our aim is to rebalance the levels we produced by using one of the main natural resources that feeds on carbon dioxide to release oxygen: trees! This is why we have decided to compensate every kg of Co2 we produce by planting an adequate number of trees that will be able to benefit from the CO2 and will bring the impact of our daily activities closer to zero.

In addition to this, we also try to limit
our impact wherever possible

In addition to this, we also try to limit our impact wherever possible

Working remotely
Our team operates nationwide. To limit transport, and consequently the production of carbon dioxide, almost all meetings between collaborators take place remotely.

Digital documentation
All documents are created, saved, signed and filed in digital format in order to reduce the use of resources and limit printing to what is strictly necessary.

Research & Development
lab-go is constantly on the lookout for ever more sustainable technologies and services.

Digital Forest

Digital Forest

Want to see the progress of our digital forest?
Click on the link to get an idea of our ongoing efforts.