Hellas Verona and lab-go: the new partnership for an Authentic Experience


We are thrilled to announce a new and significant collaboration with the historic football club Hellas Verona. This marks the beginning of a project to create an authentic and engaging experience for all fans, in addition to our unique Certificate of Authenticity for all Hellas Verona Official Products.

The collaboration between lab-go and Hellas Verona is transforming the club’s merchandise into a cutting-edge digital platform. This platform integrates Brand Protection and Authenticity Certification technology with Customer & Fan Engagement solutions, strengthening the bond between fans and their beloved team while simplifying the adoption of anti-counterfeiting solutions.


lab-go’s Brand Protection and Authenticity Certification will guarantee the authenticity of Hellas Verona products, certifying both online and offline purchases. This ensures that fans can always be certain they are buying genuine, high-quality products. It also opens up new channels of engagement between the club and its community. Fans will have exclusive access to content and extraordinary interactive experiences in a secure, authentic, and engaging digital environment.

lab-go’s services are specifically designed for this purpose: to guarantee the authenticity of products purchased both online and offline in a simple, innovative, and secure manner, eliminating any risk of counterfeiting. The digital solution enables fans to enjoy authentic and unforgettable experiences with their team.

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20 / 09 / 2023

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Hellas Verona and lab-go: the new partnership for an Authentic Experience

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